No-longer-missing links for 20/08/13

UK faces desperate shortage of science and maths teachers 

“We’ve now had successive years when public sector wages have been held down, and regular stories about the problems facing the profession. No wonder graduates in the Stem (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects are accepting jobs elsewhere. That was always the risk.”

Brainiac Live – science communication abuse 

“The biggest irony of Brainiac Live being booked or promoted by STEM engagement organisations is  that it is self-evidently written and performed by people who refuse to believe that science is interesting. This is a capital crime in science communication.”

Scottish culture minister: we need more women in games development 

Although the image of gaming is improving, thanks partly to the ubiquity of smartphones, which have made games more widely available, female developers attending the Protoplay event have come up against familiar barriers. “I always got my brother’s hand-me-down computers – it was seen as a boy’s thing when I was growing up,” says Sophia George, who is about to take up a new position as the Victoria and Albert Museum’s game developer in residence. “I said no, I want to do it. We can’t give up!”

Statistics Every Writer Should Know 

Here, described in plain English, are some basic concepts in statistics that every writer should know…

Pitching Your Passion in 2-3 minutes (an infographic) 



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