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No-longer-missing links for 29/08/13

Ugly Animal Preservation Society seeks new mascot

Working in partnership with the National Science + Engineering Competition, the Ugly Animal Preservation Society are running a public vote in order to find a new mascot  – no cuddly pandas here!


Megan Scudellari wins Clark/Payne Award

The Clark/Payne Award encourages young science writers by recognizing outstanding reporting in all fields of science. It is given each year in memory of journalists Ev Clark and Seth Payne, who offered friendship and advice to a generation of young reporters.

Does this photograph show Mary Anning?

Renowned geologist and fossil hunter Marry Anning still remains elusive to modern audiences. 

Maths as magic

Chalk, equations and mathematicians come alive in Brian Sanderson’s young adult novel The Rithmatist.

Scientists as public communicators

How do scientists view the media, and how do they contribute towards public awareness of science?